Jasmin - Kinesiology


  • Kinesiology 
  • Mind Body Medicine 
  • Mind coaching
  • Constitutional Counselling
  • TCM Body Psychology 
  • Muscle Testing 
  • Acupressure, Neonatal Reflex Integration
  • Energetic Medicine
  • Bush and Bach Flower Essences
  • Nutritional support


  • BA, Dip.Kin,
  • Dip.MBM

Jasmin is a qualified and experienced Kinesiologist who came across the practice whilst living in France. Having had experienced anxiety and limiting beliefs since childhood, she confided in a friend who recommended their local family kinesiologist.

Her experience was so powerful that it changed the direction of her life, and it was from that point forward Jasmin knew she wanted to be to others who that kinesiologist had been to her.

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