Almost In Bloom

Written by Dianna Bedran
Naturopath - Pure Botanicals Newtown


 With Spring just around the corner, and the sun delighting us with it's glorious golden rays, it's time to cleanse and clear and prepare for an uplifting change. 


Physical Detox 

A gentle detox and a lymphatic cleanse is helpful in removing stagnant toxins and clearing them from your system. Yet with so many detox programs and diets out there, it can be confusing and a lot of the times misleading as to what is of benefit for your own unique make up. The wrong diets and programs can at times cause harm. An effective and safe detoxification involves nutritional advice, herbal remedies and some lifestyle adjustments.

A qualified and experienced Naturopath is able to develop a treatment plan specifically tailored around each individual taking into account their medical history and presenting concerns and conditions. With toxins possibly being released into your system, you want to ensure that this is done safely, effectively, and with minimal side effects under the care of an experienced practitioner. With now being the perfect time to prepare your body for spring, the right advice and direction can go a long way.

Home remedies can help too. Soaking in a bath tub with salts, clays, or essential oils, or sipping on herbal teas containing herbs such as Nettle, St. Mary's Thistle, Dandelion Root or Turmeric. Why detox? For clearer skin, vitality, to reduce inflammation, better mood, weight management, enhanced immunity, and overall wellbeing. We have Naturopaths available 7 days a week at Pure Botanicals with expert advice and tips they can share with you during a consultation.



Energetic Detox 

You may want to consider an energetic detox to help clear stagnant old energies that can block the flow of growth in your life. This can be done by smudging which helps clear out lower vibrational energies, and then recharging your space with a more positive vibration with the use of crystals. Palo Santo, sage, or incense are the most commonly used tools to facilitate this process.

These have been used in rituals that have been practiced amongst various ancient tribes and cultures for many years. To recharge your space, place crystals in the corners of your home. There are various different types of crystals all possessing a unique vibration and quality. For example, clear quartz is used for amplifying energies and for clarity.
Rose quartz for unconditional love and gentleness, purple amethyst for a higher spiritual connection, or tigers eye for grounding and protection. Always cleanse your crystals first by either running them through the smoke of your incense, palo santo, or smudge sticks.
Alternatively you can run them under water and envision a white light passing through them and purifying them. Then recharge them by either the earth, moon or sun. Do this by placing them in an area where they can absorb this energy.
Either a window sill, outside, or near a plant. Then they are ready to share their magical properties with you. We stock a wide selection of unique crystals and smudging tools, and you're more than welcome to come in and chat to our friendly staff about their uses and benefits.



What's in a cup of tea?

We love herbal teas at Pure Botanicals, and if you visit our store you will be welcomed with a warm cup of our daily brew. With so many herbal tea ranges out there, have you ever considered what exactly goes into a cup of tea? Unfortunately, a lot of the herbal teas on the market have been heavily sprayed with various chemicals. Also the tea bag itself can be made of materials containing plastics that dissolve into your tea cup that you end up consuming.

At Pure Botanicals we stock the LOVE tea range which is formulated by a team of Naturopaths to provide therapeutic benefit without compromising on taste. A company with high standards in regards to quality, and is also environmentally conscious, contributing by donating back to environmental organisations world wide from the profits made.

The LOVE tea bag pyramids are made from a biodegradable mesh that is made from plant starch, therefore are plastic free. The material used for these bags is called “Soilon”, which is produced in Japan and has met all compostability standards in Japan, North America and Europe. The plastic looking bags that the tea is packed into are actually biodegradable plant-based cello pouches, made from renewable resources.

They are not polypropylene bags like most plastic bags, which means you can compost our cellos and they will break down quite quickly. The boxes are made from recycled, post-consumer board and printed with vegetable based inks. The boxes can be composted or recycled.

As you can see, there is so much more to a cup of tea. That's why we love the LOVE tea range. Some of our favourite blends that we enjoy brewing and sharing in store include: Detox, Skin Glow, Digestion, Metabolism, Calming, Original Chai and Immunity. Come by for a welcoming warm cup of tea to enjoy while browsing our inviting store.