Alchemy in the Raw

Alchemy in the Raw - Calm Pulse Point


Perfect to use any time of the day or night - when needed.

The Calm Pulse Point has a sweet, warm herbaceous scent of Frankincense with the tranquil undertones of Roman Chamomile and Bergamot.
Infused within organic oils and botanicals and formulated homeopathy remedies, tissue salts and Australian bush flower essence combinations. 

AROMATHERAPY - 100% Essential Oils 

+ Frankincense - calming, antistringent 
+ Roman Chamomile - insomnia, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
+ Bergamot - antidepressant, relieves joint and muscle pain, sedative


+ Organic Prunus amygdalus – Sweet Almond Oil
+ Organic Camellia Oleifera-Camellia Oil 
+ Organic Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary Co2Extract,
+ Organic Sunflower Oil


+ Boronia for clarity & focus
+ Black eyed Susan to slow down, to reach a still centre
+ Paw Paw for tendency to feel overwhelmed


+ Nat-Phos alleviate feelings of agitation


+ Aconite to rebalance 
+ Argentum-Nit beneficial for the nervous system 
+ Gelsemium to help with apprehension and nervousness

This combination has been formulated to cover a variety of emotional uneasiness for feelings of agitation, out of sorts, overwhelmed or just generally stressed. Its intention is to bring you back to a center feeling calm, centered & grounded.